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On our Nugsmasher Pro we create 7.66 grams rosin from 28 grams of flower. We then take the rosin and further isolate into THCA on our Nugsmasher Touch. We test THC/THCA potency on both our starting flower as well as the isolate on our Sage Analytics Luminary Beacon!


The NugSmasher PRO is a 20 Ton Pneumatic (or manual) operated Rosin Press manufactured and assembled in Corona, CA. It is constructed of solid steel with T6 6061 Aluminum pressing plates and control panel bezel. The frame is fully fabricated and CNC machined in-house. We back each NugSmasher with an unmatched warranty on every component of the system and we are available to support our customers by phone, email or in person during normal business hours.

The NugSmasher PRO is a flexible system offering 3 different platen size options with custom platen options available if needed. The machine comes standard with our Big Boy plates at 7″ x 10″. Optionally, the PRO can be outfitted with our split plate design with two 10″ x 2.5″ . Matched alignment/centering racks are available for each platen type to make loading a breeze and ensure your material stays in place as you lift the press.

Platens are installed with machined alignment assemblies on both sides of the lower plate. These assemblies allow perfect alignment every time. All platen styles are setup to accommodate 3 heating elements in each of the top and bottom plates. Standard installed heaters are 160W ea (480W per plate total), which allows the unit to warm up to useable temps in as little as 5 – 10 minutes and also allows the unit to operate on less than 9 amps of power.

A built in pressure gauge lets you track results as you dial your process in and allows for more repeatable results. Custom machined handles for manual operation and pressure release are standard with every system. Individual circuit breakers help isolate any wiring related issues to minimize the risk of shock and protect components on un-faulted circuits.

The NugSmasher PRO makes use of simple, yet reliable PID controllers with an accuracy of 0.2%. Top and bottom plates are individually controlled to ensure you are getting the right temps throughout the platen. Temperature can be set to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Nugsmasher Pro can be used pneumatically with compressed air. Any air compressor with a working pressure between 90-120 psi and has a 3 gallon or larger tank works great. Recommended to be used with a water sparator attached to the compressor and inlet size is 1/4 in -18 npt into the machine. Air Compressor and water sperator are not included with Nugsmasher purchase.

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