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A How to on Solventless thca Separation/isolation from rosin

Repress rosin in a 25u micron bag at 100f for 10 minutes, barely any pressure (or you will push the rosin through the bag)
Then at 120f for 10 minutes, slowly increasing pressure with temp.
Then again at 120f for 10 minutes, slowly increasing pressure with temp.(repeat this temp until satisfied, I try to remove most of the terps at this lower temp)
Then at 140f for 10 minutes, increasing pressure quite a bit more then before. Now that most of the terpenes have been removed go to 180f for 10 mins, increasing pressure. You can do this again at 200f to try to get as close to white as possible. The thca will be in the bag, and the terpenes on the parchment. (Make sure you change the parchment everytime you increase the temp)

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