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Homemade Gummy Bears Recipe | 手作りグミベアのレシピ

❤RECIPE BELOW❤レシピは以下です❤
These gummy bears are sweet, delicious and actually so easy to make! They are slightly softer than regular gummy bears, but are still satisfyingly chewy. I recommend dividing up the recipe and making it in smaller batches if you’d like to make multiple flavours or colours. My orange gummy bears were flavoured with orange extract, the clear gummies were flavoured with lemon extract, and the red gummies were cherry flavoured, and then rolled in the superfine sugar and citric acid mix to create sour gummies! Because they are quite soft, I recommend storing them in single layers in an air tight container, so that they don’t get squished together. Washing up the pans can also be a pain after this, because that sugar mixture seriously sticks onto the pans. To make this a million times easier, pour 2 cups or so of water into each pan, and bring it to a boil. Then dissolve the sugar into the water, and when the sugar has completely dissolved and melted off from the pan, pour out the water, and clean the pan as usual! ❤



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