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How to Remove Rosin From Parchment Paper

Ed here with a short video of tips I have learned from over 100 pressings on how best to remove the sticky and gooey rosin from your parchment paper. It was a major challenge for me in the beginning – but practice makes perfect and hopefully my experience can save you some mistakes…. Feel free to comment – I moderate all comments to keep spam and trolls at bay so it may not show up for a few hours… DISCLAIMER: I live in a pot legal state and I possess a medical card and growers card. I only process rosin for my personal consumption. All activity shown is legal in my state or Oregon and some others. If you live in a non-legal state or do not have the proper credentials DO NOT possess or process pot. It isn’t worth it. This material is educational and only intended only for those doing research on rosin and those who can legally participate in creating rosin…

This video was found on Rosin Pressing Tips from RosinHeart ‘s channel. Click here to view on youtube! **DISCLAIMER: Although this content was pulled from a public source, we don’t want to upset anyone in the community. That being said, if you would like your content taken down or edited, please contact webmaster. Thank you!**

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