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Potency, Terpenes, Yield & Genetics: Becoming a Nursery, Micro-producer & Extracting Craft Cannabis

Potency, Terpenes & Yield: Becoming a Nursery, Micro-producer & Processor of Craft Cannabis (Ep.1) is the PREMIERE documenting my transition from medical grower under the ACMPR in Canada to a Legal Commercial entity. On display will be more than my underwear drawer…so be thankful smell-o-vision isn’t a thing.

Anyway, if you are still reading this I commend you, and promise that I will add value imminently. So where were we? Ah, yes…the future. Application is underway for a set of Nursery, Micro-production, and Processing (extraction) licences in order to adequately vertically integrate into the current fledgling Cannabis Industry in Canada.

This channel has taken a turn, and will now focus on the JOURNEY toward becoming a Producer of Craft Cannabis in Canada.

Documented will be the successes and failures of proper Research & Development.

Clips taken from:

Shawshank Redemption
Wolf of Wall Street
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Additional Clips taken from YouTube:

20 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist
Courtesy of: Facts Verse

Life in the womb 9 months in 4 minutes HD – Presented to You from PSNX
Courtesy of: BobbyandDanna Jackson

Music from:
Medeski, Martin and Wood. ‘Chubb Subb’
Thievery Corporation. ’33 Degree!’
The Beastie Boys. ‘Electric Worm’
Cake. ‘Conroy’

All content is intended for 21+ adults only and is for education and documentary purposes only.

All conception, photography, videography & editing by Michael Chyczij from Green Grow Spaces and Allegro Genetics.

21+ Adults only (a second time, for good measure)

This video was found on Green Grow Spaces ‘s channel. Click here to view on youtube! **DISCLAIMER: Although this content was pulled from a public source, we don’t want to upset anyone in the community. That being said, if you would like your content taken down or edited, please contact webmaster. Thank you!**

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